Power relocation

A camper van is not complete until you’ve taken it out camping and tried things out. But one thing I can do before going camping is to sit in the van and act as if I was at camp. Which will solve some, but not all problems.

Old location for the batteries and inverter. I needed the storage space and relocated them to the back. Works out for the solar panel wires.

I laid in the van thinking and imaging myself doing the following

  • Cooking
  • Using the bathroom
  • Sleeping
  • Getting equipment out of the storage compartments
  • Using power

For the bed to extend my feet I purchased a nice ottoman from Walmart. It had storage inside and could be used as a desk or chair. So I sat on it for cooking and a foot stool for extending the bed.

The only problem is the height. My neck would be sore after a week of camping. I have to find a different solution. For now, I will take it camping for 1 or 2 days to try it out.

The toilet worked out very well. I was able to sit down just fine. Dumping will have to be investigated once at the camp site. One problem I’m going to encounter is the piece of wood used to prevent it from sliding. The wood could hurt my foot or knees.

I solved the problem by adding industrial strength Velcro underneath. Since I’m using fabric carpet tiles the Velcro works perfect. No sliding and relocating is easy.

How easy was it to get to stuff in the storage areas, very difficult. I’m going to have to relocate the electrical under the seat so that the space can be used for things used often. I will relocate the electrical to the back storage area and run the wire under the paneling (include fuses)

  • When the bed was folded and there’s electronics plugged into the outlet I couldn’t get into the rear storage area. I need to relocate permanent devices that use 120 volt AC to the rear of the kitchen cabinet.
  • The water tastes like water hose. I need to replace the hose with RV drinking water hoses.
Power relocated.
I also use this for storage of the tent, tools, cleaning supplies, hiking gear.

Time to go camping. In my next blog I will talk about how I connected the solar panels, then my camping experience and the changes that came from that experience.

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