Trying things out

My first try out was at Waddell Middle Creek Campground.

Waddell Creek

Things that needed correcting.

There were a few things that needed correction.

  • Cooking (hard to cook with the ottoman and my neck bent)
  • Washing dishes (no place to dry them)
  • Wash towels (no place to hang them)
  • Washing hands (soap was on the top shelf behind stuff)
  • Hygene (no place for toothbrush, wash cloth, etc)
  • Garbage (in the way, switching between it and the ottoman)
  • Toilet (not level – I couldn’t flush it because the water collected up in the front of the unit)
  • Access to storage (difficult without folding the bed)
  • Neck was sore from constantly bending to sit.
  • Dirt from the camp into the van (need a vac)
  • Left my movies (no entertainment)

Things that worked out well.

  • Sleeping was comfortable
  • Blackout windows were perfect for privacy
  • Front windows perfect keeping the sun out
  • Cooking was fast
  • Refrigerator was very cold
  • Using the bathroom was perfect
  • Kitchen fan distributed the heat very well
  • Bed fan kept me cool and the ambient noise was perfect
  • Lighting was excellent
  • Charging from solar continued under 2 days of clouds
Ottoman from Walmart

This ottoman got in the way. I was juggling this between the trash can. Gotta replace it.

This little (computer) fan blew out some really cold air. The ambient sound was also great. Drowned out talking from folks walking around the campground.
Campground C-9

Takes up too much room. Gotta replace this.

Waddell Creek Middle Campground photos

Waddel Creek
ATV and hiking trail
ATV, dirt bike and hiking trail bridge over Waddell Creek

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