Need relief from stiffness

My van doesn’t have a lot of space for moving around. The more I add to my van the less room I have for navigating. Some people on the Facebook group were suggesting that I get out of the van and walk. My response to them is that in Washington State during the winter months it rains a lot. Going for a walk would introduce rain into the van, and wet clothes; which isn’t good.

That means in the winter you will be spending a lot of time in the van, so when it’s time to get out of the van stiff joins might make it challenging.

So I wanted a way to solve that problem. In addition, I spend more hours than I can count on the computer writing code and doing software engineering stuff.

While trying to solve stiffness with my shoulder and neck doing exercises I decided to googled around looking for information about muscle relaxers and came across several articles on recommending muscle stimulation instead of ingesting pills. After careful reviews, watching videos and so on, I bought this one for $48.99 on Amazon and thought I’d share it with you.

It really works and helps with stiffness, gets the blood flowing around my neck and shoulders.

I’m not into selling things, but some people always ask for links and I decided to put them here to be helpful. I am a Amazon Affiliate, suggested to me by one Van Lifer. So here it is.

It’s rechargeable, and according to the reviews the battery lasts a long time.