Camping at Waddell Middle Campground

Ollie (Pops) is still a puppy and I’m trying to get him comfortable with camping in a van.

He really loves being outdoors and is really curious. Here he is overcoming his fear of water.

The first camping trip was boondocking (4th of July weekend) in the National Forest up near Browns Creek Campground and the High Steel Bridge. We did one night only. I didn’t get much sleep that night because my bed was made for 1 person and he likes to cuddle, which then turns into him pushing me to the edge of the bed. A bed extension is on the way.

This time we went to the Washington State’s Capitol Forest Waddell Middle Campground (July 9 – 10th). I made some improvements to the van and wanted to try them out. I also wanted to do two night and to be closer to my shop if things didn’t work out.

I really need to add a collapsible bed extension. I ended up doing two days and one night. He is a bed hog.

Enjoy the gallery:

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