Camping in the National Forest

I am really happy with my 2020 van improvements.

  • Storage cabinet
  • More lights
  • Rewired electrical
  • Refrigerator
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Headliner
  • Kitchen light
  • Ventilation
  • Reflexit for windows
  • Fans
  • 3 way light switch
  • Over the bed entertainment
  • Awning

I decided to go camping with Ollie to try things out. This would be his first camping trip ever.

Once we parked and started setting things up I Immediately realized I didn’t consider Ollie’s needs when I built my van.

This is Ollie, my campervan buddy

Like his favorite toy, Oink Oink the pig or the blanky, his favorite blanket. I also had no place to store dog food, toys, or snacks.

Oink Oink Ollie’s favorite toy.

Other improvements:

  • It was soooooooo dark out I couldn’t see my hands in front of me. I need to purchase a L.E.D Work/Spot light for off road. One on each side of the van. I can install a switch on my control panel that would control the lights.
  • My new awning needs lighting as well. I’m thinking of LED strip lights powered using my portable inverter or 12 volt hookup to the van.
  • Extend the bed. Ollie sleeps really crazy. I got probably 4 hours of sleep with him pushing me to the edge and kicking me. So I’m gonna build a folding (suitcase type) bed extension. When not in use, it will fold and go under the bed.
  • Storage (plastic) sterilite storage bin that slides under the bed.
  • It was cold at night with the vents left open on both back windows. The reflexit worked for one window, I need to make one to cover the kitchen window.
  • When I turned my kitchen light on, little tiny bugs, not really visible to the eye got through the vent screen. It did keep the mosquitoes out and larger bugs. I guess this is a non-issue if I use reflexit to cover them at night.

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