Entertainment in your van

If your interested in entertainment while vamping I have a suggestion. I have a Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB External Hard Drive.

It’s a portable media center. I have movies, TV Shows, e-books, and audio files on the drive. I use Seagates media center software to listen, watch or read books.

It has built-in wifi so that all your devices, at camp, can connect at the same time and do different things.

The wireless access point is password protected. Has it’s own battery (making it idea for portability). I watched 5 hours of non-stop movies before the battery needed recharging. You can also use the USB adapter for continuous power. It’s also capable of connecting to live internet so that the devices connected to it has internet access.


Six (6) or seven (7) years ago Seagate was the only manufacturer that made a wireless media center. Since that time others have come up with their own version.

Western Digital has a version that supports Plex.TV. Engadget has a article on it here.

Voyager Air Mobile Wireless Storage

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