The bed design

Like all things Destiny (my van’s name), she is constantly going through changes. Here is my attempt at making a bed.

In the original design I purchased a ottoman from Walmart. It was great until I sat on it and my head bumped into the top of the van roof. My bed was originally 12 inches high. With the mattress I sat 16 inches hitting my head on the van’s entertainment console (middle of the roof). So I lowered the bed so that the overall height is 11 inches.

My first bed design was a total failure.
Turned my middle seats around.

My first two bed designs were total failures.

I used a online blueprint and the thing was a disaster. Because I wasted so much lumber, I had to come up with a way to build and save money.

I went to the Dollar Store and purchased a bunch of foam poster boards and some packing tape.

The idea here was to build a bed that could separate, maybe into a seat.

Velcro was used to prevent the boards from sliding when attached. Nothing stopped the mattress from sliding; so I need to solve that later.
Piano hinge

Things changed when I first went camping. My mattress kept sliding on the particle board. Also the more I used the bed, the weaker the velcro became. I needed a different solution.

The piano hinge.